Oh just look at that gorgeous Nick Cardy cover – colourful teenage heroes fighting with a smile on their faces.

And there’s a Cardy sketch gallery at the back – lush stuff.

As for the unashamedly 1963-set story itself, original Titans writer Bob Haney has a whale of a time reviving the hokey Sixties dialogue, both hip (‘She may have gone more than pointy yellow fruit over him.’) and plain daft (‘a girlish burst of Amazonian energy and your entrapment shaft becomes a memory’). And the art by Jay Stephens, Mike Allred and Laura Allred is sheer delight, dynamic, open and colourful. There’s the odd problem with body proportions but nothing awful, while the alien designs are just so Sixties.

In true old Teen Titans style Donna falls for pretty much the first boy she sees and Garth volunteers to remain behind at Titans Lair cos ‘somebody’s got to hold the fort’. Dick is wonderfully capable with a habit of quoting stuff, while Speedy and Kid Flash are the comrades in arms I remember. The whole thing is a hoot, til we get to a final twist – at first, tasteless, then cheekily charming. Buy it for a new twist on an old conspiracy theory subject.

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  1. Hi Mart! Hope you don’t mind comments to your blog.I thought that the aliens looked like Beatles with punk dye jobs.Did you notice that Robin was worried about what Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) might think (and that her little head appeared next to Batman’s)? My confusion was that Batgirl didn’t début until 1967, a few years after the Kennedy assassination.I wish that Nick Cardy had done the interior art as well. Now that would have been cool!I’m enjoying your blog.


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