There’s a great blog, Comics should be good, with a section on Comic Book Urban Legends. I’ve not read every episode, so I don’t know if this tale has been addressed.

My chum Mark tells me that at DC in the 1970s Paul Kupperberg, Pablo Marcos and Vinnie Colletta were the official go-to guys when DC creatives failed to meet deadlines. So if a creative team were late with part six of a six-part story they’d get one extension and if they again failed to deliver, the editor would make three phone calls – to Kupperberg, Marcos and Colletta and the story would be finished. Perhaps not in the way the original creative team wished, but at least the book reached the shops on time.

Oh, how I would love such a policy to be instituted today – for a while, every second issue of the Ultimates and Astonishing X-Men would be a fill-in, and suddenly Marvel’s most-coddled creators will start delivering the goods.

Anyone have Paul Kupperberg’s phone number?

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