Superman: Man of Tomorrow #11 review

After several issues of short tales by different writers, Robert Venditti, whose stories with penciller Paul Pelletier lit up the first six issues of this DC Digital First series, is back for what looks to be another several-issue sequence. Well, that’s what the final page indicates; the previous 15 give us a complete story that […]

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Superman #23 review

The Doctor is in. Dr Fate, that is. DC’s premier magical hero guest stars to give Superman the once-over at the Hall of Justice. The Man of Steel is welcomed by extraterrestrial interns Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins. Soon Khalid Nassour, the latest person to inherit the helm of Nabu, arrives and takes Superman […]

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Lois Lane #12 review

Over the last few months I’ve moaned a bit about the freewheeling nature of this maxi-series; plotlines that seemed fundamental to the story vanished for months at a time. Well, they’re back: the reporter killed by Russians? Out in the open. The corruption in Washington? Exposed. The hotel cleaner threatened with deportation? Welcome after all. […]

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Supergirl #42 review

‘It all ends here’ says the blurb on Carmine Di Giandomenico and Ivan Plascencia’s dramatic cover image, to which I say, thank goodness. This book has been a cheerless affair for many an issue, even DC have lost faith in it, refusing to release the final issues in print – a rotten slap in the […]

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Ghosts #1 review

The nights are drawing in – hey, it’s nearly July! – so the latest DC Digital First offering is just the ticket, reviving a long-running mystery book with a tale tailored to today’s tastes. For rather than an anthology of shorts, Ghosts gives us a single story of the Spectre, the super-spook created by Jerry […]

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