Action Comics #1036 review

Finally, after more than a year of foreshadowing and teasing, Superman’s quest to free the slaves of Mongul officially kicks off as he reaches Warworld territory. He’s greeted by a sight that would lift the heart of Vlad the Impaler. As his associates in the new Authority marvel at Superman’s compassion, they’re confronted by a […]

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The DC Book review

You have to credit Dorling Kindersley. It seems like every other month the publisher has a new DC or Marvel guidebook out, recycling material from earlier books. Encyclopaedias beget character guides that fill the likes of HMV and discount bookshops. I unabashedly love them. I’m almost disappointed that they’ve finally come up with something original, […]

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Dark Knights of Steel #1 review

Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Medieval castle? And Jor-El and Lara alongside baby Kal? I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore in this limited series from writer Tom Taylor and illustrator Yasmine Putri. It looks like Olde England but we’re in The Kingdom of Storms, and as the last family of Krypton […]

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The Human Target #1 review

Christopher Chance puts a target on his own back for a living, taking the place of men others would send to the grave. His latest client is businessman Lex Luthor, a man not short of enemies. So it’s an armour-padded suit and bald cap for Chance. While he survives the assassination attempt from a disgruntled […]

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DC Vs Vampires #1 review

And now, in the tradition of Injustice and DCeased, a new alternate continuity series putting heroes and villains in an apocalyptic scenario. Is there room for another so soon after the two earlier hits? On the basic of this terrific first issue, the answer is a big, ‘Too bloody right, there is!’ Otto Schmidt’s intense […]

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Checkmate #5 review

Mark Shaw, leader of the rogue country Leviathan, has teleported the church being used by the new Checkmate group as a base from the US to Thailand. The spymasters, though, manage to escape via a portal to the basement of the Hall of Justice. Upstairs, the Wonder Twins show a new batch of Justice League […]

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The Flash #775 review

It’s the long-awaited 775th anniversary issue! What’s that, you say? You’ve never heard of such a thing? Well, 75 is a third of the way to a number ending in 00, it’s a giant-sized issue… it must be a special occasion. Who needs a cover blurb, I know a party when I see one? And […]

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Nightwing #85 review

The bad news is that the regular story is delayed once more by a Batman Family crossover, Fear State. The good news is that writer Tom Taylor takes those Gotham lemons and makes remarkably tasty lemonade. The great news is that while regular penciller Bruno Redondo is absent – likely getting ahead on the ongoing […]

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