Batman #100 review

It’s his greatest triumph. After a full-on battle with his arch foe, he lives to fight another day. Happy Birthday, dear Joker… Batman may as well not be in this book, for how effective he is. Batgirl looks good, reviving her Oracle persona. Nightwing, his memories restored, gives the Joker’s goons a good kicking. Red […]

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The Legion of Super-Heroes #9 review

On trial for being more proactive in United Planets affairs than President RJ Brande would like, members of the Legion of Super-Heroes defend themselves. At the forefront of the legal battle is Shadow Lass. Tasmia Mallor tells the delegates from member worlds that “… the Legion is a brilliant idea well executed by its members’. […]

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The Flash #762 review

Thank you Josh Williamson. I don’t think I’ve ever started a review with thanks. That kills the suspense. I liked this issue. A lot. And the ending… just perfect. It’s the conclusion to the Finish Line storyline, which we know is Williamson’s last before he steps off the book. I didn’t know this was his […]

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Shazam! #15 review

What now?’ asks our hero on the wonderful Brandon Peterson cover for Shazam! #15 and well he might – it’s the last issue of the latest series starring the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel. Or rather, ‘inspired by’… this isn’t the Captain Marvel loved by generations. The powers are different. The personality is different. […]

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Action Comics #1025 review

Ye gods. That cover is by professional artists. Inside Action Comics #1025, at least we have another fun story, which begins with a flashback to an Earth not regularly seen in this book. Marisol Leone, today the head of Earth 0’s Invisible Mafia, was planning to relocate. As for the why, we see that in […]

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Coffee and Comics, anyone?

It’s podcast time again as Clinton Robison invites me on his show to talk Scooby-Doo Team-Up. Every episode the over-caffeinated Clinton – find him on Twitter via @CoffeeComicsBlg – talks one comic book in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. And while, as a Brit, my caffeine drink of choice is […]

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Iron Man #1 review

That’s ‘Iron Man’. No ‘Invincible’, ‘International’ or ‘Infamous’. Really, Iron Man needs an adjective. On the basic of this issue, I suggest ‘The Understated Iron Man’… The cover promises a big slugfest with his greatest foes, but inside, all we get are two pages of Terrax the Tamer that may as well be marked ‘obligatory […]

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