Green Lantern #1 review

A lot has happened since last time Hal Jordan was an Earth-based Green Lantern. After the disappearance of the Guardians of the Universe, new galactic government the United Planets have taken over the Green Lantern Corps. They’ve declared Sector 2814 a liability and reassigned Earth’s Lanterns. Hal isn’t happy, and has quit in protest. We […]

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Flashpoint Beyond #6 review

Thomas Wayne, the Batman of the Flashpoint reality, wants to erase the world in which he survived Joe Chill’s murderous attack but his son Bruce died. Bruce Wayne, the Batman of the Earth 0 reality, wants to protect a snowglobe from Rip Hunter, Time Master. OK, it’s not just a snowglobe. It’s a multiversal maguffin […]

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Flashpoint Beyond #5 review

We begin at the end. The end of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, whose fourth of seven issues appeared the same day as this comic. Oops. To cut a long story short… nah, you need to see where co-writers Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams and Tim Sheridan go. It is exhausting! Whether you explain infinite earths […]

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Flashpoint Beyond #3 review

Thomas Wayne, the Batman of the Flashpoint timeline, is on a mission to reset reality. He wants to be dead, and his son Bruce to be Batman in his place. The Superman of this version of the DC Universe – Kal-El, Subject 1, the Super-Man – has other plans for Thomas… to lead the superheroes […]

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Flashpoint Beyond #1 review

In a world that shouldn’t exist, Batman Thomas Wayne has a mystery to solve. Did Aquaman have Barry Allen murdered so he couldn’t gain the powers of the Flash and change the world, returning the Flashpoint reality to the one Thomas Wayne never knew? One in which he and wife Martha, not son Bruce, died […]

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Infinite Frontier #6 review

The final issue of this terribly enjoyable mini-series opens with a multiversal melee gone large as the JSA and Justice Incarnate go head to head for the fate of…actually, I’m not sure they know. The heroes do know that they’ve ended up on Earth Omega, where the bodies of the supposedly all-powerful Quintessence lie dead […]

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Infinite Frontier #4 review

In the Hall of Heroes, things are getting weird with Captain Carrot and Machinehead. In the White House of Earth 23, President Superman and multiversal visitor Batman – the Thomas Wayne of another parallel – are getting to know one another. On Earth 0 – the regular DC Universe world – Director Bones of the […]

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Infinite Frontier #2 review

In which Agent Chase turns up at the Hall of Justice to annoy Superman and Batman with some rather reasonable questions. The usually savage Thomas Wayne Batman tells President Superman that he’s mellowed. Obsidian learns that it’s not just his sister Jade who has vanished from the superhero community. The recently resurrected Roy Harper begins […]

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Infinite Frontier #1 review

Gotham in the daytime is really rather beautiful. Who knew? It’s especially appealing when, look, up in the sky, we have original Green Lantern Alan Scott slamming time-twisting upstart Extant with an old-worlde steam engine. And he’s not alone – Alan’s accompanied by fellow heroes Mr Terrific and Hawkgirl, and from the darker side of […]

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Justice League #62 review

Most of the active Justice League roster are on the parallel Earth that was once home to ‘mega power’ Naomi McDuffie. Flash, though, is back at the Hall of Justice, in charge of the technology which allowed his friends to cross dimensions. Then, another hero arrives. An interesting conversation ensues between the Flash and Hippolyta, […]

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