Retro review: Super Friends #6

I don’t think the original Super Friends ever appeared on British screens. The first time I came across them, other than in DC Comics house ads for Saturday morning TV, was in the comic’s seventh issue, apparently the first distributed widely here, when Zan and Jayna arrived. This issue, though, it’s Wendy and Marvin who […]

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Supergirl #39 review

This is the review I almost never wrote… Doesn’t that sound dramatic? Really, it’s a matter of conclusion… I’m going to say this issue is of the same standard as last month’s – pretty good, far better than might be expected. The thing is, we’re still in the area of Dark Kara, a path so […]

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Supergirl #38 review

A canine’s sense of smell is said to be 40 times greater than a person’s. So heaven help Krypto the Superdog in your average city back alley. Still, he does pick up the scent of his pal Kara, last seen facing a vision of her corrupter, The Batman Who Laughs, in Supergirl #37. Krypto tracks […]

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Dear Justice League review

Superman is opening his Metropolis Mailbag. Once upon a time, that meant a literal sack of handwritten letters but today the post arrives faster than a speeding bullet, directly on to Superman’s mobile phone. Oops. Oh well, not even a Justice League member can win them all. At the Hall of Justice, after a run-in […]

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