Action Comics #1043 review

The Warworld revolution is underway, with Superman and his ragtag bunch of rebels determined to dismantle alien dictator Mongul’s evil kingdom. And today the target is the headquarters of Mongul’s mad scientist lieutenant Teacher, as he bids to turn the Authority’s resident mentalist, Manchester Black, into a weapon of mass destruction. Elsewhere on Warworld, another […]

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Action Comics #1041 review

Superman starring in Action Comics is what the logo promises, but while Superman is in this issue, our leading man is Midnighter. Because this is the issue in which we catch up with what the Authority veteran has been up to while Superman has been surviving Mongul’s gladiatorial arena, slowly inspiring the Warzoon to believe […]

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The Flash #780 review

Linda Park West has lost her twins but found she has super-speed. Not that the power does her search any good when Irey and Jai aren’t actually on Earth – they’re in another dimension with Dad Wally. Not for long, though. Their battle against the dark god Eclipso has been won, so here they are, […]

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The Flash #773 review

Heat Wave is on a rampage in Central City, starting blazes not as a cover to steal, but to scare, possibly harm, people. The Flash, Wally West, has escaped his latest conflagration, but the villain has fled the scene. There’s no time for Wally to get bored, though, as he has his new job at […]

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Future State: The Flash #2

Possessed by the evil embodiment of Famine, Flash Wally West has been rampaging around the DC Universe, killing his fellow speedsters. Impulse. Kid Flash, Max Mercury, The Flash of China, original Flash Jay Garrick – slaughtered. Only Jay’s successor Flash, Barry Allen, survives – but Wally has stolen his speed. Still, Barry is a scientist, […]

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