Nightwing #90 review

It’s been a busy – read, ruddy stressful – few days since Dick Grayson announced plans to pour billions into making Blüdhaven better. He really need a nap. Crimelord Blockbuster, though, really needs to kill him. His mistake is announcing the move to his associates, giving one of them time to warn Dick to get […]

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Future State: The Flash #1 review

Dale Eaglesham’s art is stunning in this speedster-centric entry in DC’s two-month event. Heroes and villains move across the pages in sleek, dynamic compositions. Their emotions convince, their super feats look amazing. Mike Atiyeh’s colours make the work even better, adding extra pop at every point. Steve Wands provides sharp, great-looking lettering. Brandon Peterson’s cover […]

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Heroes in Crisis #9 review

It’s the final issue of Heroes in Crisis and the message we’re meant to take away is that Hope is accepting responsibility, bearing your burdens, and carrying on regardless.  For me, Hope is continuing to buy a series that, more often than not, just annoyed me. In the end, Hope equals stupidity – I feel […]

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Heroes in Crisis #8 review

Hurrah, it’s time to solve the mystery of who killed everyone at Sanctuary, the happy holiday home for stressed-out superheroes. It was Wally West, one of the bestest Flashes ever, because he was all confused and upset and couldn’t keep bolts of Speed Force lightning from escaping his body and slashing sundry sad superfolk to […]

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The Flash #51 review

After spending the last several issues dealing with the news that the children he’d forgotten he even had are out there in the multiverse somewhere, Wally West has gone running. Running around the world, searching for Irey and Jai. But only around the world – his recent battle with Hunter Zoloman saw him and Barry […]

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