Retro Review: Wonder Woman #230

It’s time for another retro review and, fancying a spot of pre-Crisis Wonder Woman, this cover popped straight into my head. It’s a typically wonderful effort by José Luis García-López, inked by Vince Colletta, featuring probably Diana’s most famous villain. This issue appeared during the Seventies run of the TV show, specifically the first season, […]

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Retro review: Doorway to Nightmare #5

In the mid-Seventies a new book joined DC’s mystery line. Unlike time and space-spanning anthologies such as House of Secrets, Unexpected and Ghosts, Doorway to Nightmare featured full-length tales set in modern-day New York. Typically, someone with a mystically linked problem would call on Greenwich Village ‘spiritual advisor’ Madame Xanadu for advice and she would […]

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