DCeased: Dead Planet #7 review

There’s a famous feature in Mad! Magazine titled Scenes We’d Like To See, and that’s just what the conclusion of this mini-series delivers. And I don’t mean simply in terms of the story, the conclusion to Tom Taylor’s cycle of adventures set in an alternate DC Universe. Not at all – if this issue’s climactic […]

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DCeased: Dead Planet #5 review

With the Justice League’s more cosmic members visiting the New Gods in a bid to find the cure for anti-life, John Constantine is free to tackle another problem facing Earth. Trigon the Terrible is coming to destroy all humanity – demons are unhappy that while millions have fallen, their undead state means their souls aren’t […]

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Injustice Year Zero #8 review

The Joker, newly empowered by an ancient artefact, has taken his abuse of sidekick Harley Quinn to new levels. The psychologist turned villain knows one person can provide the emotional support she needs. But first, Poison Ivy needs to be released into the wild. Requiring a bolthole, Harley takes them to her sister’s home, where […]

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DCeased: Dead Planet #4 review

If you’re going to New Genesis, be sure to have a haircut and shave beforehand. In the latest issue of DC’s zombie saga, Scott Free arrives on the scene like this… And sets off for the world of his birth like this… The change goes unremarked. To be fair, companions Wonder Woman, Superboy, Mary Marvel, […]

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Injustice Year Zero #1-3 review

On a Gotham rooftop, Batman broods. He thinks of the world he lives in, one ruled over by a corrupt Superman. He believes things could have been so different… A year previously, an 86-year-old prison inmate who wants only to see his grandson before he dies is refused parole. He puts the word out that […]

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Justice League Odyssey #19 review

Darkseid has taken over Starfire and she’s working with a couple of other minions to take down her former Justice League allies. Said allies are hiding out with Epoch, the Lord of Time, whose mastery of time energy means he can hold off the bad guys. Heck, he’s even got time to run scenarios showing […]

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DCeased #1 #review

Darkseid is invading Earth. Again. Over the course of a week, the Justice League beat him back. His forces routed, his jaw broken by Superman, Darkseid takes up the League’s suggestion that he get off the planet. But his final words are ominous. When the dust clears, the League wonder what happened to their colleague […]

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Heroes in Crisis #5 review

The Sanctuary for distressed superheroes is no more, its promise of peace ruined by a killer. A killer of superheroes and the odd villain – Wally West Flash, Speedy, Poison Ivy and er… oh heck, I can’t remember. D-listers, mainly. The likes of Solstice and Protector – one obscure Teen Titan and a refugee from […]

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