Justice League #75 review

Here’s a comic that ‘does what it says on the tin’. The Justice League get killed. Blasted to smithereens. Apparently. Because we all know they’re coming back… this issue is full of characters who have been killed and reborn. Heck, Wonder Woman has only been back from her death in the previous ‘Crisis to end […]

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War For Earth 3 #2 review

The Titans have been teleported to Earth 3 to help Rick Flag’s unofficial Suicide Squad stop Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad taking over the world. Or something. Honestly, several months into this expanded Suicide Squad storyline I’m still not sure what her point is… Waller’s decided she can’t keep her own Earth safe so she’ll protect […]

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Teen Titans Academy #13 review

Every comic is somebody’s first, so be reader friendly, goes the truism. It’s not a rule writer Tim Sheridan pays attention to… as with most issues, he doesn’t introduce his cast. Not really. A few names are dropped, but if you’ve not been making notes, good luck working out who all the Titans Academy students […]

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The Flash #780 review

Linda Park West has lost her twins but found she has super-speed. Not that the power does her search any good when Irey and Jai aren’t actually on Earth – they’re in another dimension with Dad Wally. Not for long, though. Their battle against the dark god Eclipso has been won, so here they are, […]

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Teen Titans Academy #9 review

Roy Harper is back from the dead. The hero who began as Speedy and has also gone by Arsenal and Red Arrow has appeared at the school his fellow Titans have named for him, right in the middle of Homecoming. Donna, Raven and co are quite interested as to how this has happened, but are […]

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Teen Titans Academy #6 review

This issue Red X… … doesn’t appear, isn’t mentioned, may as well not exist. This issue features a handful of The Roy Harper Academy students having a summer holiday adventure after taking a day trip outside New York. This issue is just great, because as well as the absence of Red X, it’s also without […]

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Teen Titans Academy #3 review

There’s one big problem with this latest attempt to recapture the Titans magic, and that’s the Titans themselves. The senior ones, I mean. The new kids who’ve been around just a couple of months are starting to shine as individuals and gel as a group, here taking on the Suicide Squad without a second thought […]

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Teen Titans Academy #1 review

Term begins at the Roy Harper Titans Academy, the DC Universe’s brand new school for ‘gifted youngsters’. I’m not being snarky, the phrase is right there in the splash page legend for this Future State spin-out, which tells us that Nightwing, Donna Troy, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy are ready to mentor the next […]

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The Flash #759 review

Professor Zoom is up to his old tricks. He’s taken over the body of Barry Allen because he wants to be The Flash. So after running around doing good deeds, he seeks out the recently-returned-to-reality Bart Allen. After a warm-up race, Zoom-Flash tracks down three of the Rogues he’s been working with; he’d told Golden […]

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