Supergirl #22 review

Kara and Krypto are zooming through space in their Kryptonian spaceship, heading for Mogo, planetary headquarters of the Green Lanterns. There Supergirl hopes to find files detailing the truth of Krypton’s destruction – was it genocide instigated by the alien Rogol Zaar, as he claimed before Kara banished him to the Phantom Zone? GL Hal […]

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Supergirl #21 review

Kandor is dead, destroyed by mad extraterrestrial Rogol Zaar. But Supergirl isn’t convinced he could commit something as big as genocide alone. She plans to fly out into space to find answers. Clark doesn’t want her to go. In National City, Kara tries to contact foster mother Eliza Danvers to say goodbye, but she not […]

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