Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 review

The Doom Patrol have a mission – find the new ‘monsters’ of the DC Universe and save them from society. Because they’re not monsters, they’re victims of the Lazarus Planet event, ordinary people changed into something else by a magical resin. They may have great power, but with great power comes people wanting to exploit […]

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #2 review

Last issue Impulse, Superboy and Robin vanished from the Justice League’s memorial service. They appeared in what was apparently their past and soon began questioning its reality – someone seemed to be deliberately trying to keep them too busy to think. At the end of the issue, Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark appeared in classic YJ […]

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 review

At the memorial service for the lost Justice League, Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark is pondering life as a teenage superhero. And death. Heavy. Her mood actually worsens when she sees former Young Justice pals Tim (Robin) Drake, Bart (Impulse) Allen and Conner (Superboy) Kent. And by the time she joins them after the service, along […]

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Wonder Woman #788 review

In which Dr Psycho’s latest vendetta against Wonder Woman continues with the aid of a couple of members of the new Villainy Inc. Specifically, Sweetheart, the Bizarro Wonder Woman he’s created (via ectoplasm?), and bad old Dr Poison. They cause chaos with explosions and toxins as Checkmate agents Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and Siegfried try […]

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Wonder Woman #781 review

A catch-up lunch date with Etta Candy is curtailed when a call from Steve Trevor summons Diana’s pal to his side. Wonder Woman asks Etta for a favour. Diana isn’t at a loss for something to do, having just learnt that longtime enemy Dr Psycho has put out a book of his poisonous thoughts. She […]

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Wonder Woman #780 review

It’s a new beginning for Diana as she returns from the dead after an odyssey across other realms. Sheer force of will has brought her back to the land of the living, and she’s going to make sure everyone knows she’s ready to take up where she left off. Wonder Woman begins with a visit […]

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