Hawkman #29 review

‘Hawkman is ended at last’, cries villain Anton Hastor on the opening page of this issue. He’s not wrong. This is the final issue of the latest series starring Carter and Shayera Hall. And a very fine issue it is, capping a series that’s benefited for a consistent creator vision. Robert Venditti gives us the […]

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Superman #25 review

Hey, it’s an extra-length anniversary issue! They used to be quite the thing, so it’s nice to see DC reviving the tradition for the 25th chapter of Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman run. And we get a new antagonist for the occasion. Not that Synmar and Superman meet this issue – what we see of the […]

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Hawkman #27 review

It’s the 1940s. Hawkman, Hawkgirl and the rest of the Justice Society of America are battling their arch foes. They’ve tracked down the Injustice Society to their latest hideout in Austria and it’s all-out war. It’s Carter and Shayera, Green Lantern, Wildcat, the Flash and Sandman vs Per Degaton, Vandal Savage, the Gambler, Brain Wave, […]

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Hawkman #23 review

‘Miasma of Fear’ opens with Hawkman and Hawkwoman falling for one another. And then, a memory… in a past life, Carter Hall is Dr Carlo Salón, a quack going door to door in 17th-century plague-ridden Seville, counting the dead. No matter how many houses he visits, how often the stench of death gets through his […]

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Superman #20 review

Intergalactic despot Mongul has turned up to wreck the United Planets’ party. Leaders of the newly formed peace-seeking organisation have gathered to anoint a world their collective home, an admin centre for diplomats, but the cosmic conqueror isn’t having it. Cue a planet-quaking fight with Superman, there as Earth’s UP representative, one that reminds us […]

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Superman #19 review

It’s the day after Superman shared his secret identity with the world. The insurance company is planning to increase the Daily Planet’s premium, predicting that in no short order hordes of villains will attack Superman’s friends. Superman’s friends aren’t so worried. Unsurprisingly, though, editor Perry White feels forced to fire Clark Kent. Surprisingly, after musings […]

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Superman #15 review

Oh, how I love a good old-fashioned cover with an intriguing situation encapsulated by dialogue; I think DC has some kind of linewide word balloon cover stunt this month. Whatever the case, this nicely previews one of the plot points from this issue. But there are more. Starting with… What the heck are we going […]

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Superman #14 Review

The shadow of a Thanagarian spacecraft falls on Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Zod and Superdog. It presages a gathering of universal powers, and the members of the House of El want answers. Flashback to a day earlier. Safe on Jor-El’s ship, Kal, Kara, Jon and Krypto watch as the uneasy alliance between Kryptonian survivors Dru-Zod and […]

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Superman #12 review

Like some kind of space cavalry, Kara the Supergirl and Krypto the Superdog have arrived to help Superman, Superboy and Jor-El take on Rogol Zaar, General Zod, sundry Phantom Zone escapees and an attacking space armada. A spark of optimism hits Superman. Amid the fierce battle, there’s yet time for sweetness. And when the heroes […]

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Superman #11 review

FIGHT! That’s what we get this issue, as Superman and Superboy are teleported into the middle of an all-out battle involving three space races and Superman’s errant father, Jor-El. Before that, though, we see how Phantom Zone criminal General Zod came to work with Rogol Zaar, the creature who killed Krypton. Superman doesn’t know what […]

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