World of Krypton #6 review

The end is nigh. With energy and food in ever more short supply as their world rumbles towards destruction, the people of Kryptonopolis are rioting. Security leader Zod’s teams are responding with deadly force. And, caught in the middle, are Zor-El, Alura and their daughter Kara. The security troopers are brutal with the panicking citizens […]

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World of Krypton #3 review

The clock for the last days of Krypton continues to count down in the third issue of this mini-series, with a number of vignettes enriching the world as it takes the story forward. First, we meet a curious young lady. Her would-be teacher, Catar-Ol, is impressed, and discusses Kara’s possible paths with her mother, Alura […]

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World of Krypton #2 review

After an assassination attempt on Jor-El, Zor-El and baby Kara Zor-El, black sheep of the family Kru-El is put on trial. New Head of Planetary Security Dru-Zod – he won the role by saving the Els – wants to come down heavy on Kru, who hoped to wipe out his cousins so he’d be head […]

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World of Krypton #1 review

On the world of Krypton, a scientist is shocked by what she finds in the valley below the Jewel Mountains. Three weeks later, the extended El family gather to welcome their latest member. While pushy entrepreneur Kru-El isn’t exactly embraced by Jor and Zor… … they’re thrilled to see their friend Dru-Zod is there. He […]

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Justice League Infinity #2 review

A quiet dinner for Superman and Lois Lane has been rudely interrupted – by Overman, a super-bully from an earth ruled by Nazis. But the Kryptonian doppelgängers don’t meet – as Overman appears, Superman is transported to his homeworld… … while Overman learns that you don’t mess with the Man of Steel’s gal. Unfortunately, the […]

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Justice League #64 review

This month’s Justice League main strip is a day in the life story. Well, mainly. The first few pages take place off Earth, away from the Justice League, as the United Planets prepare for the trial of a rogue superman, the Synmar Utopica. On the world of Daxam, we meet the team of heroes who […]

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Jinny Hex Special #1 review

The space cowgirl from Young Justice gets her own extra-sized special from DC’s Wonder Comics imprint, giving us a closer look at Jinny and her world. It begins with a stranger walking into the garage she runs with the help of pals Lady Bird and Alex. Is he Jinny’s father? It’s just weeks since her […]

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Nightwing #77 review

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city, Nightwing was endeavouring to fight the self-pity Much-needed distraction comes in the shape of two cases – the weekly break-out at Arkham Asylum, and problems at a computer company. Batman takes the former, while Nightwing accepts the Dexiturn Technologies job. The blackmailer is asking for […]

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Batman: Gotham Nights #22 review

As we all know, Santa can be everywhere at once, meaning all the world’s children get their presents on Christmas morning. Batman could do with the same ability when a toy coveted by all Gotham’s children turns deadly. Meet Benny, ‘The Hot Toy This Christmas’. The obvious thing to do is warn the citizens, get […]

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Nightwing #50 review

Nightwing has been shot through the head. Not (Night)winged, properly shot. Some time later, we see Dick Grayson’s new life. He’s couch surfing without asking permission. Drinking, gambling and fighting for fun. Ignoring the entreaties of the woman who cares most for him in the world. And burning his superhero bridges. Literally. So yeah, this […]

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