Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 review

Wonder Woman is still fighting The One Who Laughs. Everyone else is still bashing said bad guy’s demon hordes. Heroes die. Heroes come back as part of Black Lantern Batman’s gang. Everyone knows reality is going to be rewritten any minute so few folk seem to be taking things seriously. By the power of Just […]

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Justice League Dark #21 review

The Parliaments of Life are at war with one another. The Red, the Green, the Grey, the Divided and the Rot are vying to rule Earth. The Green is manifesting flowers in corpses but it’s the Rot which is announcing itself with the most sickening style, taking over hordes of humans in Los Angeles. Detective […]

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Jimmy Olsen #7 review

Behind another irresistible cover by Steve Lieber – its Charles M Schulz meets Jimmy’s Silver Age – we get more quirky, compelling vignettes centred on Superman’s Pal and his Pals. There’s Jimmy Olsen’s Shrink, Dr Lorelei Liu, who wants to find the ‘real’ Jimmy (that’s her in the last two panels). Jimmy Olsen’s brother and […]

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Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #1 review

It’s just another day in Metropolis. Citizens go about their business, Superman stands by to protect them, the Daily Planet staff gather all the news that’s fit to put out across several platforms… but high above Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen is jumping out of a spacecraft. Without a parachute. He’s not without resources, though, having had […]

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