The Flash #776 review

The cover image tells us this isn’t an average issue of The Flash – a massive head of Dr Fate pulling back Wally’s reality. Inside, Wally has just seen off an incursion into Keystone City by the dark god Eclipso and thought relaxation lay ahead. Nope, the Justice League Dark’s most mystical member needs help. […]

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Infinite Frontier #6 review

The final issue of this terribly enjoyable mini-series opens with a multiversal melee gone large as the JSA and Justice Incarnate go head to head for the fate of…actually, I’m not sure they know. The heroes do know that they’ve ended up on Earth Omega, where the bodies of the supposedly all-powerful Quintessence lie dead […]

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The Flash #773 review

Heat Wave is on a rampage in Central City, starting blazes not as a cover to steal, but to scare, possibly harm, people. The Flash, Wally West, has escaped his latest conflagration, but the villain has fled the scene. There’s no time for Wally to get bored, though, as he has his new job at […]

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Justice League #66 review

From the cover, it seems the battle with Synmar Utopica is over, the heroes crushed. Not quite – the Hall of Justice has suffered serious damage, the core Justice League team have been knocked out or aside, but it ain’t over ‘til it’s over… Across the country from Washington DC, Leaguers Black Canary and Green […]

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Suicide Squad #3 review

Amanda Waller is getting to know new Task Force X recruit Superboy better. But is she sitting down with him over a cuppa? Not Waller. Not this version, anyway. #notmywaller Why be straight with an actual superhero who’s agreed to work with the Suicide Squad – despite being tortured along the way – when you […]

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The Flash #768 review

Wally West has had enough. After a very rough few years, he’s decided to quit superheroing and concentrate on his family. The Justice League members he tells are, at best, nonplussed. Uncle Flash Barry is especially upset. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, though, is good with Wally’s decision, his super-speed having killed Ollie’s ward, Roy […]

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The Flash #763 review

Two weeks ago, I was jubilant that finally, after more than a decade of Barry Allen’s motivation to fight crime being the murder of his mother, he’s moved on. Departing writer Josh Williamson set aside the Geoff Johns obsession with parental tragedy. Today, new writer Kevin Shinick’s first issue opens with these panels. Oh, Kevin. […]

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The Flash #762 review

Thank you Josh Williamson. I don’t think I’ve ever started a review with thanks. That kills the suspense. I liked this issue. A lot. And the ending… just perfect. It’s the conclusion to the Finish Line storyline, which we know is Williamson’s last before he steps off the book. I didn’t know this was his […]

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Shazam #12 review

Freddy Freeman is unimpressed by the quality of enemies Billy Batson is fighting as the supercharged hero Shazam. Freddy says that with the power at his command, Shazam should be thinking bigger, prompting Billy to go looking for more impressive villains. And soon, he’s face to sackcloth face with Batman’s scariest scoundrel, the Scarecrow. Of […]

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