Suicide Squad #3 review

Amanda Waller is getting to know new Task Force X recruit Superboy better. But is she sitting down with him over a cuppa? Not Waller. Not this version, anyway. #notmywaller Why be straight with an actual superhero who’s agreed to work with the Suicide Squad – despite being tortured along the way – when you […]

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The Flash #768 review

Wally West has had enough. After a very rough few years, he’s decided to quit superheroing and concentrate on his family. The Justice League members he tells are, at best, nonplussed. Uncle Flash Barry is especially upset. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, though, is good with Wally’s decision, his super-speed having killed Ollie’s ward, Roy […]

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The Flash #763 review

Two weeks ago, I was jubilant that finally, after more than a decade of Barry Allen’s motivation to fight crime being the murder of his mother, he’s moved on. Departing writer Josh Williamson set aside the Geoff Johns obsession with parental tragedy. Today, new writer Kevin Shinick’s first issue opens with these panels. Oh, Kevin. […]

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The Flash #762 review

Thank you Josh Williamson. I don’t think I’ve ever started a review with thanks. That kills the suspense. I liked this issue. A lot. And the ending… just perfect. It’s the conclusion to the Finish Line storyline, which we know is Williamson’s last before he steps off the book. I didn’t know this was his […]

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Shazam #12 review

Freddy Freeman is unimpressed by the quality of enemies Billy Batson is fighting as the supercharged hero Shazam. Freddy says that with the power at his command, Shazam should be thinking bigger, prompting Billy to go looking for more impressive villains. And soon, he’s face to sackcloth face with Batman’s scariest scoundrel, the Scarecrow. Of […]

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Superman #17 review

This is Superman patrolling in the Silver Age. This is Superman patrolling today. Isn‘t that glorious? The image comes courtesy of illustrator Kevin Maguire and colourist Paul Mounts, the idea comes from the mind of Brian Bendis. Different angles on Superman’s powers and personality are becoming his speciality, and we’re certainly getting an example of […]

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Action Comics #1014 review

Some people read Action Comics and dream of being Superman, high-flying hero of millions. Me, I want to be ageing newsman Perry White. This week, anyway, as he finally meets the new owner of the Daily Planet. An actual increase in the editorial budget? That never happens in this age of abandoned print editions and […]

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