Superman: Son of Kal-El #12 review

After returning a victim of mad scientist Henry Bendix, leader of nation state Gamorra, to his loved ones, Superman 2 Jon Kent answers an alarm from his mother. Lois is currently staying at a Justice League safe house following the bombing of Jonathan and Martha Kent’s home by, presumably, Bendix. Why are they targets? Because […]

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Teen Titans Academy #15 review

And so we say farewell to the latest Teen Titans series, which has the distinction of being the most frustrating superhero series in years. Some issues have been great, more have been terrible. Which means that the book tanked and the promising new characters – Gorilla Gregg, Stitch, Summer, Diego – are likely now waiting […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #11 review

This issue starts soon after the close of last month’s instalment, with Jon in a Justice League safe house, reeling from Batman’s insistence that his boyfriend Jay isn’t to be trusted because he runs with a bad crowd, The Revolutionaries. Jon zooms out of the mountain chalet, leaving Batman alone. But not for long. Jon’s […]

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Justice League #75 review

Here’s a comic that ‘does what it says on the tin’. The Justice League get killed. Blasted to smithereens. Apparently. Because we all know they’re coming back… this issue is full of characters who have been killed and reborn. Heck, Wonder Woman has only been back from her death in the previous ‘Crisis to end […]

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War For Earth 3 #2 review

The Titans have been teleported to Earth 3 to help Rick Flag’s unofficial Suicide Squad stop Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad taking over the world. Or something. Honestly, several months into this expanded Suicide Squad storyline I’m still not sure what her point is… Waller’s decided she can’t keep her own Earth safe so she’ll protect […]

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Teen Titans Academy #13 review

Every comic is somebody’s first, so be reader friendly, goes the truism. It’s not a rule writer Tim Sheridan pays attention to… as with most issues, he doesn’t introduce his cast. Not really. A few names are dropped, but if you’ve not been making notes, good luck working out who all the Titans Academy students […]

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The Flash #780 review

Linda Park West has lost her twins but found she has super-speed. Not that the power does her search any good when Irey and Jai aren’t actually on Earth – they’re in another dimension with Dad Wally. Not for long, though. Their battle against the dark god Eclipso has been won, so here they are, […]

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Justice League 2022 Annual

The Return opens in an unexpected place with a surprise hero. OMAC, One Man Army Corp of The World That’s Coming, going about his regular business of fighting the tools of evil corporations. But who’s that in the tube in the corner? Another surprise. Hawkgirl in the future. Of course, she’s also in the past, […]

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