Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1

Ultraman, the evil Kal-El, is rampaging across the Multiverse with one thing on his mind. The murder of Superman. Again and again. Equipped with a device to weaken his targets at a cellular level, Ultraman has the advantage. On Earth One, meanwhile, young Superman Jon Kent is spending time with his boyfriend, Jay Nakamura. Jon […]

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Monkey Prince #9 review

Another day, another city for Marcus Shugel-Shen, who’s been moving around the DC Universe since learning he’s the Monkey Prince, son of a Chinese deity. Taking him places are adoptive parents Laura and Winston who are geniuses, but pretty stupid. Stupid because they waste their intellects as henchpeople for super criminals. They also risk their […]

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Superman: Kal-El Returns Special #1

Superman has returned from his epic adventure on Warworld and touches base with family and friends. This double-length comic tells some of those stories. We’ve seen Superman’s reunion with wife Lois and son Jon elsewhere, so who’s next? Why, his best hero chum, of course, Batman. Clark drops by Gotham City to have breakfast… but […]

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She-Hulk #7 review

It’s the morning after the night Jen Walters and Jack Hart – aka She-Hulk and Captain Nominative Determinism – finally got together. They’ve been gently falling for one another since this mini-series kicked off, while trying to solve the mystery of Jack of Hearts’ return from the dead. While it’s Saturday, the smitten kittens must […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 review

There’s some very good news for Superman 2 Jon Kent this month. We’ll get there, but first, the lead-up. We open with Jon’s fella, Jay Nakamura, exposed as the madly masked master of The Truth, the alternative online news source. After Jay expresses a desire to get away from the unwanted attention Jon flies him […]

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Suicide Squad #14 review

So, Amanda Waller wins the War For Earth 3. She sends the Suicide Squad back home to Earth 0 while vanishing from view with her new ‘Justice League’. And what happens the minute they get back to their Belle Reve prison HQ? Apparently, Waller divorcing herself from the Task Force X project means everyone else […]

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Suicide Squad 2021 Annual #1 review

We open in the past, with Task Force X field leader Rick Flag Jr leading his team of super-villains and compromised heroes on a mission. One of the newest is understandably nervous. Project leader Amanda Waller berates Flagg for his ideals. Years later… Waller has had enough of Flagg questioning her decisions. She’s thrown him […]

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Suicide Squad #5 review

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Task Force X chief Amanda Waller tortures yet another member of her team. Peacemaker’s ‘crime’? He asks for a little explanation as to what’s going on in her head. Someone who’s happier to fall in with The Wall’s orders – backed up, of course, by […]

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