Action Comics #1043 review

The Warworld revolution is underway, with Superman and his ragtag bunch of rebels determined to dismantle alien dictator Mongul’s evil kingdom. And today the target is the headquarters of Mongul’s mad scientist lieutenant Teacher, as he bids to turn the Authority’s resident mentalist, Manchester Black, into a weapon of mass destruction. Elsewhere on Warworld, another […]

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Action Comics #1042 review

In his quieter moments away from the Warworld arena, Superman has been keeping a journal. Back on Earth, Lois Lane is also writing. As it turns out, Thao-La, a Phaelosian escapee from Warworld injured in battle after a Fortress rampage, is having fits and power surges as she slowly recovers. Lois intuits that a piece […]

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Action Comics #1041 review

Superman starring in Action Comics is what the logo promises, but while Superman is in this issue, our leading man is Midnighter. Because this is the issue in which we catch up with what the Authority veteran has been up to while Superman has been surviving Mongul’s gladiatorial arena, slowly inspiring the Warzoon to believe […]

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Action Comics #1039 review

Trapped on Warworld, his powers inhibited by red sun radiation, Superman is learning what it means to be a fighter in Mongul’s arena. Later, one of the other fighters tells Clark that his approach is going to get him killed. Elsewhere in the tombs of Warworld, Omac and Natasha Irons – who accompanied Superman on […]

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Checkmate #6 review

Talia has betrayed Checkmate, she’s been revealed as working with Leviathan leader Mark Shaw. Manhunter Kate Shaw isn’t pleased. The Hall of Justice is in darkness, giving undercover Leviathan agent Whitney a chance to take control of the Heroes’ Network. Meanwhile, Mark Shaw is attacking Checkmate member Lois Lane and recently uncovered spy brother Leo. […]

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