Blue & Gold #4 review

Booster and Beetle’s new venture, Blue & Gold Restoration, is open for business. In a promotional exercise, the boys meet a TV reporter. Getting on to the subject of how the boys became friends, the accounts differ. They do, though, agree on who they were facing. And that’s the set-up for a thoroughly enjoyable issue […]

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The Flash #771 review

Well, that’s a gloomy cover from illustrator Brandon Peterson and colourist Michael Atiyeh, taking us back to the horror that was the Heroes in Crisis mini-series. Happily, the issue itself is a thoroughly jolly affair, as Wally West, at the mercy of the Speed Force, continues bouncing into the bodies of speedsters across time and […]

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The Flash #770 review

It’s 1944 and mystery men the Ray and the Flash have been given a mission by FDR – capture the Spear of Destiny from the Nazis. They’ve not met previously and don’t look set to become best buddies. Things don’t go according to plan, thanks to Hitler’s real secret weapon… but the boys have help […]

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Superman #24 review

Last issue Superman’s consultation with Doctor Fate was interrupted… by a Lord of Chaos. And not not just any old LoC, but Xanadoth, ‘the one true Lord of all Lords of Chaos’. Khalid Nassour hasn’t been Doctor Fate for long and isn’t equipped to deal with such an experienced spellcaster, one whose natural might is […]

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Superman #23 review

The Doctor is in. Dr Fate, that is. DC’s premier magical hero guest stars to give Superman the once-over at the Hall of Justice. The Man of Steel is welcomed by extraterrestrial interns Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins. Soon Khalid Nassour, the latest person to inherit the helm of Nabu, arrives and takes Superman […]

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Superman #22 review

What with the Covid-caused delay to comics, it feels as if Superman has been fending off Mongul’s latest attack on Earth for ever. Happily, the space conqueror hasn’t reached us, we’re still unvanquished, and here’s the Man of Steel back and raring to go. Seriously, this is among the best battles with Mongul I’ve read; […]

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Superman: Heroes #1 review

Superman has revealed his secret identity to the world. How will the planet’s heroes react? That’s the big question we were told this extra-sized special would address. And the answer? What do the members of the crimefighting community have to say? About a sentence each over a busy two pages. Sure, Batman and Wonder Woman […]

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Supergirl #39 review

This is the review I almost never wrote… Doesn’t that sound dramatic? Really, it’s a matter of conclusion… I’m going to say this issue is of the same standard as last month’s – pretty good, far better than might be expected. The thing is, we’re still in the area of Dark Kara, a path so […]

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Superman #17 review

This is Superman patrolling in the Silver Age. This is Superman patrolling today. Isn‘t that glorious? The image comes courtesy of illustrator Kevin Maguire and colourist Paul Mounts, the idea comes from the mind of Brian Bendis. Different angles on Superman’s powers and personality are becoming his speciality, and we’re certainly getting an example of […]

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Supergirl #33 review

Supergirl is at the end of her quest to learn the truth behind Krypton’s destruction. The world of her birth was murdered by Rogol Zaar, egged on by Gandelo of the Trilium Collective. Teamed with her cousins Superman and Superboy, trusty Superdog Krypto and Phantom Zone criminals Zod and Jax-Ur, she confronts Zaar. Supergirl wields […]

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