DC Pride #1 review

DC’s latest 100-page giant is dedicated to the company’s non-straight heroes, some well-known, others less so. The company pretty proud of this one, down to commissioning a rainbow version of the DC bullet from Daniel Qasar, the man behind the Progress Pride flag. And rather festive it is too. The issue also has an introduction […]

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Justice League #10 review

At the Arctic Circle, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Firestorm are bringing a new meaning to ‘message in a bottle’, as they try to track down the Graveyard of the Gods following the murder of Poseidon’s human form by the Legion of Doom. Off Indonesia, Superman, the Flash and Adam Strange have encountered old Challengers of […]

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Justice League #8 review

In 1988, Will Payton is blasted by cosmic energy from the skies. Gaining powers, he becomes the hero Starman. He should have a great future. Then… Today, the Justice League members are hearing his story – how he was experimented on by Lex Luthor, tormented for the secrets of his powers. He’s connected to the […]

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Justice League #7 review

The Justice League are facing several problems. Actually, ‘problems’ is understating things enormously. There’s new villain team The Legion of Doom. The mystery incursion they’re calling The Totality. The predicted end of the Multiverse in a year’s time. And the evil planet Umbrax that’s out to pull a corrupted Earth into its evil galaxy. I […]

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