Nightwing #90 review

It’s been a busy – read, ruddy stressful – few days since Dick Grayson announced plans to pour billions into making Blüdhaven better. He really need a nap. Crimelord Blockbuster, though, really needs to kill him. His mistake is announcing the move to his associates, giving one of them time to warn Dick to get […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #9 review

While reading a comic that might make it to this blog, I screengrab panels and pages that impress me. It’s pretty rare that I want to reproduce the whole comic. But that’s S:SoK #9, an issue that had me smiling on every page. It’s full of smart moments, beautifully illustrated, as our young Superman joins […]

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Nightwing #89 review

It’s team-up time as Dick visits Metropolis to see how Jon Kent is managing with his new responsibilities as Superman. The stupendous cover by Bruno Redondo shows how great the pair look together, with Dick showing he can keep up with a young man who can fly. The composition, the logos, the zip-a-tone effect, it […]

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Monkey Prince #1 review

Years ago, in Gotham city, a young boy, Marcus, wakes to find his parents menaced by an intruder. Batman never has a chance to return as Marcus’s parents move around the United States for work. One day, though, they return to Gotham, enrolling Marcus in the local school. A run-in with bullies brings a kind […]

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DC Pride #1 review

DC’s latest 100-page giant is dedicated to the company’s non-straight heroes, some well-known, others less so. The company pretty proud of this one, down to commissioning a rainbow version of the DC bullet from Daniel Qasar, the man behind the Progress Pride flag. And rather festive it is too. The issue also has an introduction […]

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Nightwing #78 review

Dick gets a dog – and she’s adorable! Oh, you want more? Well, you don’t have to be a boy acrobat to find this first Infinite Frontier issue of Nightwing a wonderful jumping-on point. The story opens with a flashback to our hero’s first meeting with future Batgirl and Oracle Barbara Gordon, after they’ve both […]

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Metal Men #11 review

It’s the Metal Men vs Pink Venom! Well, that’s what it looks like in the penultimate issue of the latest maxi-series starring the world’s most human robots. Series creators Dan DiDio and Shane Davis are nearing the end of their story, with the Metal Men trapped in the Dark Multiverse. The world of Plutonium Man […]

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Injustice Year Zero #8 review

The Joker, newly empowered by an ancient artefact, has taken his abuse of sidekick Harley Quinn to new levels. The psychologist turned villain knows one person can provide the emotional support she needs. But first, Poison Ivy needs to be released into the wild. Requiring a bolthole, Harley takes them to her sister’s home, where […]

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Injustice Year Zero #1-3 review

On a Gotham rooftop, Batman broods. He thinks of the world he lives in, one ruled over by a corrupt Superman. He believes things could have been so different… A year previously, an 86-year-old prison inmate who wants only to see his grandson before he dies is refused parole. He puts the word out that […]

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