Naomi Season Two #3 review

Fearing that Thanagarian mechanic pal Dee is about to risk his life to kill the creature who murdered her homeworld, new superhero Naomi has followed him to Star Labs. Immediately, it’s portal party time and a team-up with fellow Justice Leaguer Cyborg to contain a multiversal monster. Dee’s nowhere to be seen, but back in […]

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Action Comics #1016 review

It’s Superman vs Red Cloud round three. Or is it four? Whatever the case, things are different this time, as the mysterious villain is more powerful than ever, courtesy of Lex Luthor. Metropolis Marvel and Misty Murderess face off in the heart of the city, but readers aren’t there as it happens. Nope, writer Brian […]

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Action Comics #1013 review

Every page a little pleasure. That seems to be Brian Michael Bendis’ motto for Action Comics. We get the ongoing big story (Leviathan) and the company crossover interruptions (Year of the Villain), but along the way are gems of dialogue and detail. The first scene in this week’s issue, courtesy of the Year of the […]

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Action Comics #1012 review

One of the small pleasures of a new issue of Action Comics is guessing whose work station will act a recap page. We’ve had Lois’, Clark’s, Perry’s, Jimmy’s – even new gossip columnist Trish Q’s… surely we’d be at the Daily Planet canteen bulletin board by now? But no, this time we begin with the […]

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Naomi #5 review

There’s a moment in Naomi #5 that put a huge smile on my face, a piece of dialogue I want to ping into the head of every person on the planet. But first… Last issue, Naomi learned the secret history of her adoptive father, who, it turns out, was a soldier from the planet Rann […]

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Naomi #4 review

In which Naomi’s dad tells her how he met her mother and how she fell into her parents’ lives. Last issue ended with Greg revealed as a man from Rann, adopted planet of Earth archaeologist turned hero Adam Strange. Or at least as a man with a Rannian outfit. But no, Greg’s not a cosplayer, […]

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Naomi #3 review

Looking for answers about her adoption, typical American teenager Naomi has broken into the garage of local mechanic Dee. A photograph of him in earlier days shows him with a woman who looks like her. Is he her father? What he is, is a former spy for Thanagar, stranded on Earth after a mission on […]

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Naomi #2 review

In which our heroine asks mysterious mechanic Dee how he knows the date of her adoption and what else he knows. That, as they say, went well. Later, she tackles her parents. Not much there either. Which pretty much sums up this issue, which is a classic example of the type of decompression I thought […]

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Naomi #1 review

Naomi lives in a small town in North America. One day Superman ‘passes through’. While pretty much everyone she knows catches a glimpse of the battle between the Man of Steel and alien dictator Mongul, Naomi somehow misses it. We don’t see the conclusion of the fight, but we do see the reactions of the […]

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