The Human Target #5 review

Christopher Chance is one week from death. A poison aimed at billionaire scumbag Lex Luthor was ingested by the Human Target and he’s on Day Five of 12 in his final countdown. He’s accepted that death is inevitable but is determined to solve one last case – who’s sending him (fingers crossed) heavenwards. His investigations […]

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The Human Target #2 review

Christopher Chance has 11 days to live. Having accidentally imbibed poison meant for Lex Luthor, the Human Target is determined to solve the homicide before he signs off. Superhero medic Dr Mid-Nite has pinpointed the poison in his system as carrying extradimensional radiation linked to the ‘Bwah-Ha-Ha’ Justice League… was a rogue member trying to […]

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The Human Target #1 review

Christopher Chance puts a target on his own back for a living, taking the place of men others would send to the grave. His latest client is businessman Lex Luthor, a man not short of enemies. So it’s an armour-padded suit and bald cap for Chance. While he survives the assassination attempt from a disgruntled […]

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DC Cybernetic Summer #1 review

Growing up in the UK, summer specials were a thing – tabloid-sized editions of our weekly favourites on super-shiny paper, all in colour for 25p… back then full-colour was reserved for only a few pages in the likes of the Beano, Dandy and Bunty. I loved them, so I couldn’t resist this seasonal special. And […]

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