Strange Love Adventures #1 review

It’s almost St Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time for another DC giant collection of all-new tales of ‘like, love and loss’. The book kicks off with a perfectly pink cover starting Harley Quinn and a dinosaur from illustrator Yanick Paquette and colourist Nathan Fairbairn. The throwback cover dress, complete with homage Comics Code Authority […]

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Justice League #66 review

From the cover, it seems the battle with Synmar Utopica is over, the heroes crushed. Not quite – the Hall of Justice has suffered serious damage, the core Justice League team have been knocked out or aside, but it ain’t over ‘til it’s over… Across the country from Washington DC, Leaguers Black Canary and Green […]

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Action Comics #1029 review

Superman and Superboy are above the earth again, battling space shrimps. They’ve seen them off once, but Jon’s time spent in the 31st century has told him his father dies as a result of their encounter with the beasties. The unwelcome visitors have arrived via an inter-dimensional rift, with the supposedly friendly scientists of Star […]

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Superman #29 review

Beyond Earth’s atmosphere, Superman and Superboy are defending the earth from space shrimps. A beam from a Star Labs satellite seems to close the breach through which the green monsters have been coming, allowing Clark and Jon to head home to spend downtime with Lois. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad boss Amanda Waller is mulling over information […]

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