Nightwing #100 review

It’s party time, as Dick Grayson celebrates the 100th issue of his solo series which started in the glory days of the New 52. Crashing the party is Heartless, who’s been a thorn in the side – or rather, the chest – of the people of Blüdhaven for a while. He’s murdered city kingpin Blockbuster […]

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Justice League #49 review

Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, Superman and Green Lantern are on the planet Trotha after rescuing its children from danger in space and freeing the people from a despotic queen. But… consequences. Having saved the planet’s two tribes from lives of slavery, the Justice League announced that they could now rule themselves. But they didn’t want […]

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Batman: Gotham Nights #7 review

Joker, Catwoman, Riddler… Killer Moth? The ‘lethal lepidopteran’ doesn’t sit easily on a list of Gotham’s greatest villains – if it wasn’t for his role in the origins of Batgirl, he’d likely never have survived the Sixties. The latest DC Digital First Batman story, though, repositions Killer Moth, massively increasing his role in Batman’s life. […]

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Batman: Gotham Nights #2 review

It’s a case of The Bats and the Furious as the Caped Crusader chases fleeing murder suspect Dillon Yates through the streets of Gotham. Souped-up vehicle vs Batmobile? No contest, Batman catches up without much trouble. But something doesn’t add up. Batman discovers who really killed the studio head and framed Yates… actor turned super-villain […]

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Freedom Fighters #12 review

It’s the final push against the Third Reich by Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Doll Girl, Human Bomb and Cache. Throughout the United States, the hope of the people feeds Uncle Sam in his battle with Adolf Hitler III’s Overman. Seeing the tide has turned against him, Hitler flees his mountain base, starting a […]

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Supergirl #35 review

In the Fortress of Solitude, a Brainiac drone who dreams of being a real boy/killer android has deduced that he requires a Kryptonian to complete his evolution. And he doesn’t need any nosy service robots getting in the way.  Supergirl has returned to Earth after her space odyssey to find foster mother Eliza apparently killed […]

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Supergirl #34 review

It’s not often that a superhero comic contains images so extreme I won’t share them here. But there’s a scene in this issue that’s just gross, inserted for shock effect. The moment in question comes soon after Kara returns to Earth following the Rogol Zaar business, a certain Superdog at her side. Isn’t that lovely? […]

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Supergirl #31 review

I’m having flashbacks. Flashbacks to the days when Marvel Comics would show crossover events from two angles in separate books. The difference with Supergirl #31 in relation to Superman #12 is that the coordination is less than impressive. A quick recap. Supergirl has been questing across the galaxy for the truth behind Krypton’s demise, accompanied […]

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Freedom Fighters #1 review

It’s 1963 and the United States is under the boot of the Third Reich. Germany won the Second World War and a group of resistance fighters squirrelled away in the Texas Book Depository find a spark of hope in new visitors. It’s a light that is soon extinguished. The Spirit of America feels despair, but […]

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