Flashpoint Beyond #0 review

This is the comic I definitely wasn’t going to buy. The Flashpoint event of a decade or so ago wasn’t my favourite, being an extended imaginary story with shades of Nineties EXTREEEEEME! The idea of Thomas Wayne – the Bat-Dad who survived the event only to be killed in the recent Justice League Incarnate series […]

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Suicide Squad #14 review

So, Amanda Waller wins the War For Earth 3. She sends the Suicide Squad back home to Earth 0 while vanishing from view with her new ‘Justice League’. And what happens the minute they get back to their Belle Reve prison HQ? Apparently, Waller divorcing herself from the Task Force X project means everyone else […]

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Suicide Squad 2021 Annual #1 review

We open in the past, with Task Force X field leader Rick Flag Jr leading his team of super-villains and compromised heroes on a mission. One of the newest is understandably nervous. Project leader Amanda Waller berates Flagg for his ideals. Years later… Waller has had enough of Flagg questioning her decisions. She’s thrown him […]

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Suicide Squad #5 review

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Task Force X chief Amanda Waller tortures yet another member of her team. Peacemaker’s ‘crime’? He asks for a little explanation as to what’s going on in her head. Someone who’s happier to fall in with The Wall’s orders – backed up, of course, by […]

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Green Lantern #1 review

I bought this issue on the basis of the cover, which promises fun. So many Green Lantern series of the last 20 years have been so darned grim that I craved some light to go with the shade. And there’s light aplenty in this debut issue, as the Guardians host a galactic conclave. And the […]

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Batman and the Outsiders #1 review

Too much Gotham. That was my reaction when I saw the line-up for the latest version of Batman and the Outsiders. As well as the Caped Crusader, along with original Outsiders Katana and Black Lightning, we have his proteges Orphan and Signal. And after reading this first issue, I’ve not changed my mind. It assumes […]

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