Justice League #59 review

I’m not one for re-starting series willy nilly, but if ever a book deserved a new #1 it’s Brian Bendis and David Marquez’ Justice League. Even though the story continues from recent DC Universe events, it feels as fresh as a Themysciran daisy. The issue opens in the Hall of Justice with a conversation between […]

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Detective Comics #1027 review

This is a big comic – 144 pages – but it’s a big occasion, one thousand issues since Batman debuted in 1939’s Detective Comics #27. The Gotham Guardian’s not starred in every one since then, having stepped aside for Batwoman to take centre stage at one point, but the shadow of the Bat has always […]

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Wonder Woman #762 review

The people of Washington DC are having dangerous hallucinations. Crazed by visions, individuals are attacking others, driving moving vehicles into crowds and more. The only people preventing complete chaos is Wonder Woman… and Max Lord? The heroine’s former enemy has been using his mental ‘push’ power to make victims stop seeing the lies they’re being […]

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The Flash #750 review

Action Comics #1000, Detective Comics #1000, Wonder Woman #750… all recent 80-page giant celebrations courtesy of the marvel that is comic book maths. Now it’s the Flash’s turn and at last, an issue I can heartily recommend – six stories ranging from decent to superb, gorgeous pin-ups and, running though it all, a love for […]

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Action Comics #1015 review

There’s a new kid in town. Naomi, fresh from the pages of her debut mini-series, comes looking for Superman. And she’s not wasted a moment…this is the day she discovered she has powers. This is the day she finds she can fly. And this is the day she makes a friend. Two, actually… As it […]

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