Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1 review

Another week, another Lazarus Planet anthology, with another meaningless subtitle. May as well call it Lazarus Planet: Random Doomy Words. You know the deal by now. Magic green rain is coming down, people are getting super powers, blah blah. This one I’ve been looking forward to, though, as it brings the return of the Doom […]

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #4 review

Robin, Impulse and Superboy have been plucked from the everyday DC Universe and are fighting, as the cover says, everybody! Well, everybody who was anybody when they first got together as a junior Justice League. Teammates Wonder Girl, Arrowette and mentor Red Tornado, meanwhile, are trying to track the three YJ founders down. Looking for […]

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #19 review

Superman and Batman are alone in the Justice League watchtower, having a post-battle debrief. The Man of Steel is disappointed by Batman’s tendency to go it alone mid-mission. The conversation is nipped in the bud as a group of evil Batmen and Supermen emerge from the multiverse… the ‘World’s Vilest’. With Batman and Superman at […]

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The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #8 review

This week’s DC Digital First Flash offering from the editorial office of Andrew Marino features two eight-page stories, both written by Dave Wielgosz, and while they’re different in tone to one another, they’re both pithy, punchy, satisfying reads. Artist David LaFuente draws the first, Rain on Your Own Parade, in which two people aren’t at […]

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Freedom Fighters #12 review

It’s the final push against the Third Reich by Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Doll Girl, Human Bomb and Cache. Throughout the United States, the hope of the people feeds Uncle Sam in his battle with Adolf Hitler III’s Overman. Seeing the tide has turned against him, Hitler flees his mountain base, starting a […]

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