Detective Comics #1062 review

Evan Cagle’s moody cover, featuring a swanky new logo by Darran Robinson, is a declaration of intent. This new run of Detective Comics is going to be all about the melodrama – a play with music. The music arrives in the first scene, on the stage of an opera house in darkest Gotham. There’s an […]

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One-Star Squadron #6 review

If ever a comic book should come with a helpline number, it’s One-Star Squadron. The first five issues of this six-part mini-series have been relentlessly glum, with the cheeriest moments never managing to rise beyond ‘melancholy’. All along I’ve been hanging on to a hope – the final issue will be one massive dawn to […]

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One-Star Squadron #5 review

On the one hand, this is a well put-together comic book. The pacing is good, the characters make sense, a mystery is solved satisfactorily. But don’t read it if you’re already having a bad day. Because yet again, kids, writer Mark Russell takes some of the DC Universe’s lesser-known heroes and drenches them in despair. […]

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One-Star Squadron #2 review

Minute Man isn’t a big name among superheroes. A legacy hero, he depends upon the Miraclo drug created by Rex Mason for his vigour, but unlike the original Hourman he doesn’t get 60 minutes of strength – the clue’s in the name. A minute of super powers isn’t going to get you into the Justice […]

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One-Star Squadron #1 review

If you’re Superman, you get to save the universe every other week. If you’re Minute Man, you get… ‘Who?’ Red Tornado is running the Metropolis branch of Heroz4U, a hero hotline which puts low-powered metahumans in touch with people who need help. The thing is, Reddy was a longtime Justice League member, what’s he doing […]

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Checkmate #5 review

Mark Shaw, leader of the rogue country Leviathan, has teleported the church being used by the new Checkmate group as a base from the US to Thailand. The spymasters, though, manage to escape via a portal to the basement of the Hall of Justice. Upstairs, the Wonder Twins show a new batch of Justice League […]

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Checkmate #3 review

DC’s super-spy mini-series begins in the aftermath of assassin queen Talia’s aborted escape from Leviathan. She’s murdered associates of the country’s leader, Mark Shaw, and Superman has come to take her to the US and prison. Afterwards, Shaw addresses his surviving partners. A few weeks later, members of the ad hoc Checkmate group discuss new […]

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