Batman/Superman #22 review

It’s the last issue of this series, and talk about going out with a bang! After the massively enjoyable serial that recently ended, writer Gene Luen Yang scripts a one-issue wonder to further remind us just what a great writer he is. This is a high concept issue, one which begins with bad guy Calendar […]

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Batman/Superman #16 review

Ever read a regular issue of a comic and wish it were in prestige format? That’s how this comic has me feeling, as new writer Gene Luen Yang, artists Ivan Reis and Danny Miki and colleagues produce something very special. The story nods to the 1940s big screen versions of Superman, Batman and Robin, with […]

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Superman #28 review

Superman has followed the Synmar Utopica to his homeworld. The stranger wants the Man of Steel there because… … I really have no idea. It’s four months since the world of Synmar was introduced, a planet whose people are the Synmar, and whose champion is the aforementioned Synmar Utopica. The people jabber on in oddly […]

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Superman #27 review

In the Phantom Zone, Superman faces an unknown foe. The extraterrestrial appeared in Metropolis and attacked, putting thousands of lives at risk. With the aid of Fortress of Solitude major domo Kelex, the Man of Steel moved the battle to the other-dimensional prison. Of course, you’re rarely alone in the zone. Punching Xa-Du gives Superman […]

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Superman #26 review

Superman is falling to the ground. Or perhaps he’s flying upwards in the vertiginous opening to this issue’s chapter of the Never Ending Battle. It’s hard to tell, but this is undeniably an exciting, eye-grabbing moment. Even as a stranger reaches for his throat, Superman reaches out with his mind, ever hopeful that this is […]

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Action Comics 1022

What a difference an inker makes. Danny Miki steps in to embellish John Romita Jr’s pencils and all is right with the world. I’ve been a fan of inker Klaus Janson for decades, but for some reason the teaming with regular partner JR Jr on Action Comics hasn’t worked; the characters have looked too blocky, […]

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Batman #91 review

Lots of bars have comedy nights, but few get to host the Joker. Barman Brent is less than thrilled, though, as the Clown Prince of Crime is spouting expository dialogue so vague that it’s not really very useful. On the streets of Gotham, crime tourist Deathstroke is finally free of bat-drones sicced on him by […]

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Superman #19 review

It’s the day after Superman shared his secret identity with the world. The insurance company is planning to increase the Daily Planet’s premium, predicting that in no short order hordes of villains will attack Superman’s friends. Superman’s friends aren’t so worried. Unsurprisingly, though, editor Perry White feels forced to fire Clark Kent. Surprisingly, after musings […]

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