Blue & Gold #3 review

It’s Michael and Ted vs a space princess in the latest issue of the long-awaited Blue Beetle/Booster Gold mini-series. The lady’s name is Omnizon, and she wants someone to take her to Earth’s leader. Of course, Earth doesn’t have one, with so many governments around the world. Instead of demanding the planet be handed over […]

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Suicide Squad 2021 Annual #1 review

We open in the past, with Task Force X field leader Rick Flag Jr leading his team of super-villains and compromised heroes on a mission. One of the newest is understandably nervous. Project leader Amanda Waller berates Flagg for his ideals. Years later… Waller has had enough of Flagg questioning her decisions. She’s thrown him […]

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Marvel Double Action #1 review

Holy Hannah, it’s back to the Seventies for this entry in the current Heroes Reborn event. This pastiche reprint comic – think Marvel Triple Action – ‘represents’ the tragic day Sam Wilson died. Yes, in this world without a Spider-Man it’s not Gwen Stacey, but the Falcon who dies due to the diabolical dealings of […]

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Supergirl Annual #2 review

The bad news. Supergirl has been sacrificed at the altar of the Batman Who Laughs crossover. The good news. Writer Robert Venditti finds a workaround so he can tell us a story of the last days of Krypton. And boy, do I love those. I must have read a dozen DC tales down the years […]

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Supergirl #36 review

If you can’t say something nice… Well, yes, but I review this comic much every month and skipping an issue because I didn’t enjoy it is basically me saying, don’t bother. Maybe I can lean into that other saying, accentuate the positive? So, the story. Supergirl has been infected with nanobots by a Brainiac drone. […]

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Supergirl #33 review

Supergirl is at the end of her quest to learn the truth behind Krypton’s destruction. The world of her birth was murdered by Rogol Zaar, egged on by Gandelo of the Trilium Collective. Teamed with her cousins Superman and Superboy, trusty Superdog Krypto and Phantom Zone criminals Zod and Jax-Ur, she confronts Zaar. Supergirl wields […]

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Supergirl #30 review

Supergirl is enraged. Her new friend Xand’r has revealed himself as the son of Gandelo, who was behind the destruction of Krypton. Imprisoning the Coluan, Kara lashes out against his adoptive parent. Did I mention that she’s enraged? Kara is so super-peeved that she attracts that pesky axe of Krypton assassin Rogol Zaar – the […]

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Supergirl #28 review

With Supergirl and the Omega Men out to bring him down, space scumbag Harry Hokum decides to send in the clones. Imperfect duplicates of Supergirl possessing part of her powers. Kara has faced terrible odds plenty of times but her quest to learn the truth behind Krypton’s destruction, supposedly at the hands of Rogol Zaar, […]

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Supergirl #25 review

Dog space suit! That’s my favourite thing in the first of three stories in Supergirl’s giant #25th issue. There’s other stuff in there, of course. Kara continuing her quest to learn the truth behind Krypton’s destruction, aided by Coluan scientist Z’ndr Col. A fight with new baddie Splyce, the Caretaker of Krypton, which sounds like […]

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