Wonder Woman #788 review

In which Dr Psycho’s latest vendetta against Wonder Woman continues with the aid of a couple of members of the new Villainy Inc. Specifically, Sweetheart, the Bizarro Wonder Woman he’s created (via ectoplasm?), and bad old Dr Poison. They cause chaos with explosions and toxins as Checkmate agents Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and Siegfried try […]

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Blue & Gold #8 review

Ryan Sook’s movie poster cover is the perfect opening to the final issue of a spectacularly good-natured mini-series. Two shining heroes getting great reviews for their endless good deeds. And that’s pretty much how things stand as ‘Unmasked at Last’ opens. Michael and Ted’s Blue & Gold Restoration venture has been doing good all over […]

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Blue & Gold #4 review

Booster and Beetle’s new venture, Blue & Gold Restoration, is open for business. In a promotional exercise, the boys meet a TV reporter. Getting on to the subject of how the boys became friends, the accounts differ. They do, though, agree on who they were facing. And that’s the set-up for a thoroughly enjoyable issue […]

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Justice League #67 review

And once again we have a cover that seems to belong to a different month. Nowhere in this issue do Black Canary and Green Arrow fight a gang of Deathstroke cosplayers. They show up at the end, but meet only Lois Lane’s supposed brother, who we now learn goes by the rather hilarious ‘Leonardo Lane’, […]

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Superman Red and Blue #6 review

Cards on the table, I bought the first issue of this anthology because I love Superman. The promise of timeless material, stories unconstrained by current continuity, was irresistible. And I still haven’t read the darn thing. There’s something about the USP – stories in which the title colours are to the fore – that puts […]

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Justice League #64 review

This month’s Justice League main strip is a day in the life story. Well, mainly. The first few pages take place off Earth, away from the Justice League, as the United Planets prepare for the trial of a rogue superman, the Synmar Utopica. On the world of Daxam, we meet the team of heroes who […]

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Immortal Wonder Woman #1 review

Before DC’s two-month Future State event began the company produced a free magazine, with features about the characters. Almost hidden at the bottom of a couple of pages was a timeline, making it clear that different comics were happening in different years. So although the Gotham-set books all reflect a Bladerunner future, they’re not all […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #11 review

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Legion… Earlier this week I was chatting on Twitter to other longtime Legion fans, saying that while I’m enjoying the latest Legion of Super-Heroes series, the team has rebooted so many times that I no longer think of any Legion beyond the original and Zero Hour versions as […]

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Young Justice #20 review

It’s their final issue so what better time for the teenage superheroes of the Young Justice league to choose a new headquarters? Make that ‘an old headquarters’. It’s the Secret Sanctuary of the original Justice League of America; also, the HQ of Young Justice a multiversal reboot or two ago (as well as the Doom […]

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