Blue & Gold #8 review

Ryan Sook’s movie poster cover is the perfect opening to the final issue of a spectacularly good-natured mini-series. Two shining heroes getting great reviews for their endless good deeds. And that’s pretty much how things stand as ‘Unmasked at Last’ opens. Michael and Ted’s Blue & Gold Restoration venture has been doing good all over […]

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Blue and Gold #1 review

If ever a comic book deserved the old ‘Because You Demanded It!’ banner, it’s Blue and Gold #1. Fans have been asking for a series teaming Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle since their best pals’ act made them them two of the most popular Justice League International members. Thirty years ago! While they’ve each […]

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Generations Shattered #1 review

I’m a sucker for motley crews. Give me heroes from across time and space whom you wouldn’t usually see together, and I’m there. Enter the Golden Age Batman, Superman’s Pal Steel, New Titan Starfire, the original Superboy, the second Dr Light, the one and only Booster Gold, Last Boy on Earth Kamandi and Green Lantern […]

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Heroes in Crisis #9 review

It’s the final issue of Heroes in Crisis and the message we’re meant to take away is that Hope is accepting responsibility, bearing your burdens, and carrying on regardless.  For me, Hope is continuing to buy a series that, more often than not, just annoyed me. In the end, Hope equals stupidity – I feel […]

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Heroes in Crisis #4 review

So, what’s happening in DC’s big event? The first three issues told of how a bunch of superheroes were slaughtered at metahuman therapy centre Sanctuary and pointed towards Booster Gold and Harley Quinn as the likeliest of suspects. Here we get: One page of Tempest getting drunk in Hatton Corners, where Aqualad, Speedy and Robin […]

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