The Human Target #2 review

Christopher Chance has 11 days to live. Having accidentally imbibed poison meant for Lex Luthor, the Human Target is determined to solve the homicide before he signs off. Superhero medic Dr Mid-Nite has pinpointed the poison in his system as carrying extradimensional radiation linked to the ‘Bwah-Ha-Ha’ Justice League… was a rogue member trying to […]

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Dark Knights of Steel #1 review

Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Medieval castle? And Jor-El and Lara alongside baby Kal? I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore in this limited series from writer Tom Taylor and illustrator Yasmine Putri. It looks like Olde England but we’re in The Kingdom of Storms, and as the last family of Krypton […]

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DC Vs Vampires #1 review

And now, in the tradition of Injustice and DCeased, a new alternate continuity series putting heroes and villains in an apocalyptic scenario. Is there room for another so soon after the two earlier hits? On the basic of this terrific first issue, the answer is a big, ‘Too bloody right, there is!’ Otto Schmidt’s intense […]

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DCeased: Dead Planet #7 review

There’s a famous feature in Mad! Magazine titled Scenes We’d Like To See, and that’s just what the conclusion of this mini-series delivers. And I don’t mean simply in terms of the story, the conclusion to Tom Taylor’s cycle of adventures set in an alternate DC Universe. Not at all – if this issue’s climactic […]

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DCeased: Dead Planet #5 review

With the Justice League’s more cosmic members visiting the New Gods in a bid to find the cure for anti-life, John Constantine is free to tackle another problem facing Earth. Trigon the Terrible is coming to destroy all humanity – demons are unhappy that while millions have fallen, their undead state means their souls aren’t […]

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Freedom Fighters #12 review

It’s the final push against the Third Reich by Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Doll Girl, Human Bomb and Cache. Throughout the United States, the hope of the people feeds Uncle Sam in his battle with Adolf Hitler III’s Overman. Seeing the tide has turned against him, Hitler flees his mountain base, starting a […]

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