Lois Lane #12 review

Over the last few months I’ve moaned a bit about the freewheeling nature of this maxi-series; plotlines that seemed fundamental to the story vanished for months at a time. Well, they’re back: the reporter killed by Russians? Out in the open. The corruption in Washington? Exposed. The hotel cleaner threatened with deportation? Welcome after all. […]

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Lois Lane #11 review

In which… actually, I don’t have a Scooby. I can manage a likely imprecise précis. The killer known as the Kiss of Death wants to off Renée Montoya but is trapped in a magic circle made by Jessica Midnight at the behest of Clarice the Action Nun as part of a plan formulated by Lois […]

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Lois Lane #10 review

Now things get interesting. I enjoyed the first couple of issues of this maxi-series a lot, but as the months passed my grasp of what the story actually was became less firm. I wasn’t sure there was a story there at all. Subplots that seemed important vanished for months on end. Characters would come on […]

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The Wrong Earth #3 review

Two superheroes and two supervillains of parallel worlds have swapped places. Dragonflyman of Earth Alpha is getting used to Earth Omega, while Dragonfly of Earth Omega… well, you get the picture. The device that saw them accidentally move worlds is a magic mirror belonging to their number one foe, named, funnily enough, Number One. There’s […]

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