Timeless #1 review

Kang’s having a bit of a moment. The Marvel madman recently stepped beyond his status as Avengers headache to headline his own mini-series. And now he’s starring in an extra-sized book teasing new Marvel Universe stories for 2022. I say ‘teasing’ rather than ‘previewing’ because Marvel has produced similar books in the past, and they […]

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Lex Luthor/Porky Pig #1 review

Porky Pig is the big man in town, boss of a Wall Street cryptocurrencies firm. Until everything goes (pork) belly up. He’s lost it all to a hacking scandal. Money. Position in society. Girlfriend. He contemplates suicide, but can’t go through with it. Meanwhile, in Washington, greedy industrialists Dr Sivana and Professor Ivo are likewise […]

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