Justice League of America #1 review

Five years ago, crooked scientist Professor Ivo and a shadowy figure plan a response to the appearance of ever more super-heroes. Today, a hooded figure is hunted to ground by what appears to be the Justice League, before escaping into a forest. Meanwhile, in Washington DC, US government security wallah Amanda Waller summons former League […]

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Avengers #24.1 review

Longstanding Avengers powerhouse the Vision was ripped in two by teammate She-Hulk, while she was under the influence of his mad missus, the Scarlet Witch. Now he’s back, repaired by Iron Man, and understandably confused. Why would Wanda, his beloved wife, do this? Iron Man has no answers. He seeks out She-Hulk and she’s thrilled […]

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X-Men Legacy #260.1 review

‘We didn’t get to be kids. But we’re gonna make damn sure they do.’ That’s Rogue, sharing her mission statement now she’s resident at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.  Listed as ‘senior staff member’, she may not have a specific role, but if this issue is anything to go by she’s set to be the […]

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Defenders #1 review

The Hulk asks old pals Dr Strange, Silver Surfer and Namor to seek out and destroy Nul, Breaker of Worlds – a kind of Black Hulk. Bruce Banner himself daren’t go near the beast for fear of merging with it, but points them towards a Hulk who can get involved – his occasional wife, Betty […]

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