Irredeemable review #1

This comic from Boom! opens with a bang as a superhero and his family face the fury of the Plutonian, hero turned villain. It continues with his terrified longtime teammates interrogating one of their own – the Plutonian’s sidekick, Samsara – for as much information as possible on a man they never truly knew. There’s […]

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Amazing Spider-Man 573

Whoa, a little heavy on the brow, nose and jaw there, Mr Romita. Norman Osborn looks less like the Green Goblin than the Pink Platypus. Cover apart, John Romita Jr provides first class pencils this issue, as he has in the other five parts of New Ways to Die. Kudos, too, to inker Klaus Janson […]

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The Brave and the Bold 16 review

A few years ago, Superman answers the bat signal, covering for his out of town pal. He’s soon teamed up with Catwoman to stop the underworld auction of ‘a map to some hidden cave just outside the city’. Ulp. That’s the set-up for a truly delightful issue of one of the best superhero books on […]

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