Superman Family Adventures #9 review

Brainiac arrives on Earth and persuades Lex Luthor to team up with him for an attack on the Fortress of Solitude. Well, I say ‘persuades’ but in truth, he kidnaps Lex, putting him in charge of his shrink ray. Meanwhile, Metropolis is revelling in the super-efficient Brainiac tech that’s been popping up without explanation. Perry […]

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Superman #15 review

Here’s a H’el on Earth tie-in without an appearance by the titular antagonist. No, this issue focuses on Lex Luthor as Superman searches for insight that may help him beat the supposed Kryptonian. Along for the ride is Superboy, and the clone proves an object of fascination for Luthor after fighting his way into the […]

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Superman Family Adventures #1 review

It’s just another day in Metropolis. Superman saves the city from a giant meteor; Lex Luthor plots to steal Superman’s powers via robotic invasion; Supergirl, Superboy and Krypto fight the good fight; Perry White screams at Jimmy Olsen for coffee … While Superman is wearing his new suit (it’s admired by Dan DiDio), the all-ages story here […]

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Action Comics #899 review

I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I’m proud of Lex Luthor. Yes, he’s a scumbag with no reverence for any individual life other than his own, but he’s our scumbag. A regular human, no super abilities but able to take on, and beat, beings of immense power. And that’s what he does this issue, […]

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Supergirl #61 review

Supergirl’s in trouble, facing four of her deadliest enemies, and yet she beats the Parasite, Silver Banshee, Kryptonite Man and Metallo with ease. Watching from a distance is the mysterious, malevolent and all-round minging Alex, the inventor whose smartphone app, Flyover, meant he could send the villains against her. He reports back to his even more mysterious […]

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Action Comics #897 review

Lex Luthor leers monstrously from David Finch and Peter Steigerwald’s striking DC Icons cover, but it’s the Joker who steals the show this issue. The story sees Lex track down a Black Lantern sphere to the Joker’s cell in Arkham Asylum and try to prise out of him whatever he knows. Which turns out to […]

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Action Comics #896 review

Crivvens, there’s a lot going on this issue as the Secret Six bids to protect Lex Luthor from Vandal Savage. The immortal villain, you may recall, is trying to decipher the meaning of a prophecy that Lex will make him very happy. He’s focussing on Lex’s knowledge of the mysterious black spheres, which is the […]

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