Legion of Super-Heroes #9 review

Brainiac 5 and Harmonia are at Circadia Senius’ lab, disagreeing about the possibility of beating the blockage in the time stream, when Dream Girl drops by. She’s had a premonition that something important is going to occur. And occur it does, as two unknown assailants pop up. Literally – they come out of a Boom […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #7 review

Surprise surprise, the two China-set plotlines begun last issue are linked – the polluting fire raging in the Xinjiang region is the work of the future cultists running amok in the urban area. Thankfully, Legionnaires are at both sites and ready to fight. Holding back the fire are Element Lad, Sun Boy and Chemical Kid, […]

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The Ray #4 review

The Ray is down and almost out. If he’s going to save girlfriend Chanti from the reality warping wannabe film director Thaddeus Filmore, Lucien’s going to have pull something big out of the bag. Which he does, unsurprisingly. What is surprising is the way he cleans up after the events of the last few issues, […]

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The Ray #1 review

Struck by a particle beam of experimental light, Lucien Gates becomes The Ray, able to travel at the speed of light, create energy blasts and alter the way light reflects off his body. This last may bit may not sound immediately impressive, but when any clothes you wear against your glowing form burn, it’s pretty […]

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Batgirl #24 review

Last month Stephanie Brown learned that her super-villain dad, the Cluemaster, was behind the riot at Gotham’s Blackgate Prison. As we rejoin her, she’s not frightened, because her father’s not actually a scary guy and she knows that whatever else, he loves her. Then he does something scary. Somehow Arthur Brown has got his hands […]

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Batgirl #22 review

In which Batgirl jets off to jolly old London town and teams up with Squire, greatest heroine of the United Kingdom. Steph has been sent across the Atlantic on Batman Inc business, but she doesn’t meet him until the final page of this issue, as she and Squire have places to go, things to do, […]

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Supergirl #64 review

The conclusion to ‘Good-Looking Corpse’ begins with Supergirl in trouble, attacked by a mind-controlled Robin and Blue Beetle, and with an equally out-of-it Miss Martian standing by to empty her Kryptonian head. And while ickle Damian Wayne can’t do much against the Maid of Might, Jaime has some serious firepower in that scarab suit. Doing […]

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Doom Patrol #21 review

With just a couple of issues before the axe falls on this title, a spotlight on Robotman may sound like an unnecessary indulgence. But Cliff Steele is such an intriguing character that I’m happy to see his past and character illuminated. And what a character. On the surface, he seems like DC’s Ben Grimm, a […]

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