Superman #2 review

Superman is getting slapped about by a monster that’s invisible to his senses, but a comment from Lois Lane tells him how to get into the fight. Defeated, the creature dissolves, but not without muttering one word in an unearthly language – ‘Rosebud’. Oh all right, it was ‘Krypton’, and yes, pretty much the same […]

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Flash #1 review

Police scientists Barry Allen and Patty Spivot are on a date at a tech symposium when a masked gang bursts in and gasses the guests. Too fast to be affected, Barry changes into the Flash to battle the baddies. Most get away but he manages to grab one and throw him safely into a building […]

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Superman #1 review

It’s a new era for journalism in Metropolis. The Daily Planet has been bought by Galaxy Communications and subsumed into Morgan Edge’s media empire, the renamed Planet Global Network, which encompasses print, TV and digital divisions. This means new roles for Planet staffers and the razing of the old building to make room for the new Daily Planet […]

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Kid Flash: Lost #1 review

Kid Flash loses his super-speed in this Flashpoint tie-in, but he certainly gets his groove back. Under the pen of Sterling Gates, the former Impulse finally rediscovers his misplaced personality. He’s rash, funny, smart – this is the wee fella we’ve not seen since Impulse was cancelled and Bart Allen became Bit-Part Allen as the […]

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Flash #12 review

It’s the final instalment of the Road to Flashpoint storyline, and the last issue of this run. And while it’s a safe bet there’ll be a new volume along in a few months, for once a book that’s ending feels like a conclusion. That’s because writer Geoff Johns closes the book on the subplots that […]

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The Flash #10 review

The Flash and Kid Flash meet Hot Pursuit, who claims to be the Barry Allen of one of the 52 worlds. Unable to access the Speed Force directly, he steals speed via his super-cycle to zoom around his world, protecting it from temporal attacks. He tells Barry that ‘the single greatest time anomaly to threaten […]

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The Flash #7 review

Barry Allen is largely absent this issue, as Captain Boomerang breaks into Iron Heights jail to ask Reverse-Flash some questions, while thinking back to his origins.  And I realise I never actually finished the darn book, having picked it up a couple of hours ago and gotten distracted. That’s how engaged I was. So, let’s […]

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