Wonder Woman #5 review

Diana’s having a breakfast of tomatoes in London with pals Zola and Hermes when a stranger, Lennox, brings a side order of obtuseness. ‘It must be something to learn yea has a dad the same day yea learn he’s scarpered off the … call it the immortal coil?’ Well cor bloimey and lor luvvaduck. Rather […]

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Wonder Woman #4 review

Having learnt that she’s the product of a dangerous liaison between mother Hippolyte and king of the gods Zeus, Diana has flounced off Paradise Island for her home in London. This leaves her mother that little bit more vulnerable when a very peeved Mrs Zeus, Hera, comes a-calling … Diana’s not alone in the English […]

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Wonder Woman #3 review

In which the Amazons bury their dead and Diana learns that she has a father as well as a mother. Last issue, in the midst of tricking Amazon into killing Amazon, demi-goddess Strife told Diana that they shared a father – Zeus. Diana didn’t believe this, her mother Hippolyta having told her that she was […]

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Wonder Woman and origin(al) sin

Every day, people come up to me on the street and ask the same question: ‘I know Superman came to Earth in a rocketship and Batman saw his parents shot, but what’s the origin of Wonder Woman?’ In the past, I’ve explained that she was a clay baby given life by the gods after her […]

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Wonder Woman #2 review

The deranged fashion model type is Strife, an Olympian dedicated to discord. She shows up on Paradise Island and strikes at the Amazons, who are harbouring the mortal Zola, latest in a long line of human women to be impregnated by Zeus, King of the Gods. Zola has been brought there by Diana, Princess of the Amazons and known […]

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Wonder Woman #1 review

Gods walk the Earth. In Singapore, one creates oracles in a bid to discern his father’s moves and moods. In Virginia, another slaughters horses to produce murderous centaurs. Nearby, a third defends the mortal target of the transformed beasts. And in London, Diana sleeps. But not for long, as a mystical object transports Zola, the centaurs’ prey, to her […]

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Strange Adventures #1

Creating compelling tales of the imagination, it’s not rocket science, is it? DC managed it for a couple of decades, in the middle of the last century. And now, via the Vertigo imprint, they dip another toe into the water, with a collection of stories ‘suggested for mature readers’. That means tits and swearing, kids. […]

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