Supergirl #16 review 

‘Strange Visitor’ has to be one of the daftest names for a superhero ever, but I did like the melding of Sharon Vance and cosmic being Kismet when she hung around the Superman books in the Nineties. And now she’s back from oblivion, remembering her sacrifice in the Our Worlds at War storyline, but not […]

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Action Comics #993 review

Superman has used the Cosmic Treadmill to head for Krypton in its last moments, wanting to know for definite if birth father Jor-El was saved from death by a strange force that plucked him away. If that’s so, then the monstrous Mr Oz is likely telling the truth when he claims he is Jor-El – […]

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DC Holiday Special #2017 #1

It’s December and that means a big, fat stocking stuffer from DC Comics. These 80pp giants are notoriously iffy so far as quality goes, but there’s usually a gem or two. Let’s take a look at the 2017 edition, which kicks off with a very merry cover from Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson.  The framing […]

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Justice League #34 review 

It’s a busy day for the Justice League. In space, a massive alien fleet is heading straight to Earth. On Earth, ‘YouTube jihadists’ have taken nuns hostage, and an earthquake threatens a coastal community. It takes the entire League in three shifting groups to tackle the situations… and for one member, it leads to a […]

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New Talent Showcase 2017 #1 review

I reviewed the first of DC’s New Talent Showcase giants last year and my big complaint was that the stories weren’t self-contained. Most were set-ups for arcs we’d likely never see. And we never did see continuations. So how is the 2017 peek at the abilities of the young writers and artists from DC’s Talent […]

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Super Sons Annual #1 review 

First it was Goldie.  Then some nameless Apokoliptian pooches.  And now… no, I can’t tell you what poor critter writer Peter J Tomasi offhandedly offs in Superboy and Robin’s first Annual. Let’s just say he’s a member of the DC Rebirth Legion of Super Pets, fried in flashback by horrible Red Lantern killer cat Dex-Starr.  […]

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