Fantastic Four #605 review

Some time back, the Future Foundation kids produced a serum that allows the Thing to revert to Ben Grimm for one week every year. Suspecting a certain side effect, Reed quietly has his father, Nathaniel, use his time-jumping tech to take the two of them to the New York of 3012, 4012, 5012 and 6012. […]

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Supreme #63 review

At last, the comic you’ve dreamed about is here! The Supreme Story of the Year … Given that the last issue of Supreme appeared in 2000, Image Comics might like to call this The Supreme Story of the Millennium. Whatever anyone else is calling it, I’m calling this an unexpected treat – Alan Moore’s final […]

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Action Comics #8 review

Oh. My. Word. If there’s a page in this week’s comics more likely to make you jump out of your chair than the full-page shot of Superman flying towards the reader, I don’t wish to see it. Here I’ll show you … no, I’m not sure you’re ready. Get a stiff drink, bear with me […]

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Avengers vs X-Men #1 review

It’s coming …. That’s what massive, intrusive blurbs on Marvel covers have been telling us for months, and now it’s here. The Phoenix Force is at the centre of Marvel’s big 2012 crossover, in which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fight the Children of the Atom. The prize is Hope Summers, supposed mutant messiah, the woman expected […]

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Legion: Secret Origin #6 review

It’s the final issue of this expanded look at the origins of the Legion of Super-Heroes and it’s confirmed that the figure behind the attacks on team benefactor RJ Brande is the Time Trapper. This issue starts with him influencing United Planets Security Directorate member Mycroft to take out Brande, but it turns out Brande isn’t alone […]

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