DC Digital – Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #11

Here’s another quick done-in-one from the ever-changing creative teams of Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman. This time it’s Diana teamed up with Big Barda to fight robot gorillas. And behind them, a couple of classic baddies from the farther reaches of the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman and Big Barda, from Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, is an interesting pairing. Where Diana is an Amazon, Barda is a super-Amazon. Amazon times space god. Diana loves to fight, yes indeed, but Barda lives to fight. She’s not terribly interested as to why metal monkeys are swarming a museum, she’s just happy to have something entertaining to hit. This leaves room for Diana to be the voice of reason, rather than the battle-happy soul she’s presented as all too often these days.      



With current continuity swept to one side in Sensation Comics, we can enjoy the Diana and Barda of pre-New 52, happy heroines not constantly oppressed by outside forces. They have time to relax after a training session on Apokolips, time to share a hot dog. It all makes for 20 pages of smiles, helped greatly by a running gag that doesn’t outstay its welcome. As for the surprise baddies, shall I spoil it? Nah, it’s only 69p/99c for a fast-paced, hugely fun story, so go see.

Writer and artist are both unfamiliar to this too-mainstream fella, but after this I’ll be popping across to Monkeybrain Comics to check out more by the wonderfully named Adam P Knave. Tight plotting, smart action, characters who feel right … say no more. And let’s not overlook letterer Saida Temofonte, who does a fine job, and the warm colours of Rex Lokus, which are just right.

Looking at Matthew Dow Smith’s Wikipedia entry, it seems I have seen some of his work, but he looks to be a bit of an artistic chameleon, meaning I didn’t recognise him here. Figures are a little stiff at times, and there’s not much sense of motion, but his storytelling is strong and the blocky, lumpy style fits the cheery script.

While I wish Sensation Comics didn’t include so many guest stars – oh for a simple Wonder Woman story featuring Wonder Woman villains – it’s tough to argue with a confection as tasty as this. So don’t, just read it.

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